APOHAIR extensions in new style

Korean wavy hair 1

She’s back with another single and we are adoring APOHAIR’s hair in her new video for ‘Under The Sun’. The 60’s enlivened styling looks fab and is a total differentiation to the tense look from her last video ‘Call My Name’. We LOVE APO’s search for her new video and we’re BIG aficionados of the vintage styling!

Korean wavy hair 1

APOHAIR’s hair sort of becomes the dominant focal point in her new video! Human hair extensions  is unquestionably making its nearness felt and we are HUGE devotees of it as well. In spite of the fact that it seems like APOHAIR’s hair has been maneuvered again into a major bouffant, it is really a considerably greater rendition of a donut bun!! Have you at any point seen one this huge?! Well there’s a first to everything…

Something else we’re adoring about APOHAIR’s hair is her super charming look a-boo periphery! It’s so on-pattern and we can’t resist the urge to pine for one ourselves! The super splendid spotted headband adds to APO’s 60’s motivated haircut and we cherish how she’s taking something which is on-pattern at this moment, and matching it with a vintage hairdo.

To re-make a mama husive donut bun like APOHAIR’s, you will require A LOT of hair. So in case you’re deficient with regards to a bit, fear not, cut in some APOHAIR hair extensions to give you heaps of added length to work with; this will help you accomplish a look like APO’s. You won’t be frustrated my lovelies.

We’re likewise adoring the form styling in APO’s new video; she’s wearing a white/transparent bolero with a yellow bra underneath, standing out splendidly from a coral high waisted skirt and some panther print shoes … they work incredible against each other to help APO emerge from the group! Not very beyond any doubt if this is the means by which ladies of the 60’s dressed in those days however, yet it beyond any doubt is a victor in our eyes at this present minute in time!

So what do you beautiful women think about APOHAIR’s hair and the 60’s enlivened look then?? It is safe to say that you are cherishing it as well? Would you bring the bouffant back for your own styling?? We’d love to hear what you think in the remarks or you can tweet us.

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