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Prom season is about upon us, so we thought it would be a terrific ole thought to give you exquisite women a few thoughts and motivation to accomplish your ideal prom hairdos. In the event that your clip in hair  is a bit on the short side, include some APOHAIR human hair extensions to give you that additional oomph and genius vibe; who wouldn’t like clip in hair  to feel like a whiz on their prom eh?!

One of the most smoking prom hair lace closure, enlivened by New York Fashion Week, must be the half-up half-down style, worn with somewhat bouffant to include a touch of allure ‒– you essentially can’t turn out badly with this prom hairdo, which can be worn with medium to long hair.


For articulation volume and a show-halting completion, some hair extensions would be an awesome alternative to thicken up the hair before it is part into two segments. It is likewise shrewd to style your hair before you segment it as well as once your hair is stuck up, and you start styling, will undoubtedly haul hair strange which will abandon it looking somewhat chaotic!

Decide on styling the bouffant first; backcomb from the highest point of your underlying foundations at the back of your head going down similarly as where you “up” area will complete, then hold set up with some bobby pins. For a beautifully girly prom haircut, include some free, bouncy twists, not neglecting to draw hair down either side to outline your face.

In case you’re not by any stretch of the imagination a wavy hair sort of young lady then straight hair will look similarly flawless, it might be somewhat snappier for you to style excessively ;). Once your extensions are fitted and styled you can start to segment off your hair; beginning from the highest point of your ears taking the separating around the center of your head, and meeting at the back.

Why not complete your half-up half-down prom clip in hair  with some wonderful prom-style cuts? We LOVE Carrie Underwood’s thought on this style; she looks super saintly with hair that just shouts take a gander at me!!

High Ponytails

Another prom hairdo, which has taken motivation from the current year’s Fashion Weeks, is the high braid; it’s a hot pattern for the coming Summer months, so why not present the take a gander at your prom?

You can spruce up, or dress down high pig tails, everything relies on upon how you style and make them! We LOVED Nicole Richie’s retro high pig tail, which she was seen wearing at the Golden Globes, it helped us to remember the hair lace closure which were made backstage at the Badgely Mischka Fall 2010 show. We’re getting a charge out of the reality she has brought the think back this year and it looks so exquisite and eye-getting, it HAS to be somebody’s prom ‘do!!

This prom hairdo, once more, will work better on medium to longer hair; human hair extensions would be perfect as you will have a great deal more hair to work with and when the hair falls at the back it will look staggering with longer hair!! Making this look is so straightforward; right off the bat pull up and area off hair around the crown, bother and backcomb to make volume then put aside while you take care of whatever remains of your hair. You then need to brush out and smooth the back and sides of your hair, securing the back segment into a pig tail just underneath the crown of your head. You then need to pull each side area back and wrap it around your pig tail, securing set up with some bobby pins. At that point you should simply come back to the top area (the bit you did first) and afterward delicately brush and cover move down your braid and voila, your genius prom haircut is conceived!

In case you’re not all that sure about attempting this style lace closure then we have another you could attempt!!

We are additionally adoring Reese Witherspoon’s high braid which looks so rich and is considerably simpler to make!!

Right off the bat, you have to area your hair into two, so a base segment and a top segment. Basically bother and back brush the top segment of your hair to make somewhat bouffant/quiff, secure set up lace closure with some bobby pins and a reasonable versatile band. At that point take the base area of your hair and secure over into a pig tail with a reasonable flexible band, ensuring that it is set specifically under the top pig tail. On the off chance that the top segment is excessively tight for you that path then there is an option hope to enable your hair to seem looser; pull the majority of your hair once more into one pig tail and secure with a hair band, you will then need to take some bobby sticks and flip your braid over whatever is left of your hair (fundamentally tip your head topsy turvy), pop the bobby sticks along the extremely top of the underneath of your pig tail, so simply over your hair band, so the hair falls back over the bobby pins to make a waterfall sort of impact! Also, there you have it! HOW simple does that sound?!

For a more emotional and proclamation look make sure to fit some human hair extensions before you begin to style and force the hair back, the hair extensions will help you appear as though you have quite recently ventured off celebrity central!


Interlaces are another hot prom clip in hair  taken straight from the Fashion Weeks; they are such a hot pattern at this moment! Plaits will tend to work better on medium to longer hair as the more hair you need to mesh, the more huge the interlace will look; in case you’re somewhat short on length then make sure to fit some hair extensions before you start to twist to give you a show-ceasing look!

We LOVE interlaces here at APOHAIR and we have a subtle feeling they will be a well known search for lace closure. Our most loved prom style meshes must be the fishtail baird, the four strand twist, and the french interlace round to a side pig tail. These have a tendency to be somewhat dubious in case you’re new to plaiting, yet after some practice, you can make these in a matter of seconds at all :) Or you can simply ask a companion or relative in the event that they’re a spot hand at twisting

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