Apohair – Selecting the hair extensions


Women know that there is a direct link between hair and their overall mood. When a woman’s hair looks great she automatically feels like she can conquer the world. On the other hand when her hair is frizzy, flat, greasy, or just plain temperamental the world is a darker place. The relationship between hair and a woman’s opinion of the world is the reason why women spend so much time and money trying to improve the health and appearance of their locks.


If you are a woman who frequently finds yourself using your grocery money at the local saloon, you may want to look into purchasing a APOHAIR. You’ll save so much money that the APOHAIRs will pay for itself within a year of purchasing it. Not only will the APOHAIR save you money, you will know that every time you step out the door your hair looks great.
The wigmakers who design and make APOHAIRs had to types of lace they could choose from when they were designing the wigs. They could choose to make their wigs out of French lace or they could use Swiss lace closure.

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The Swiss lace was an attractive option. It is delicate enough that the seam lines are barely discernable, it’s light weight, and well liked by people who frequently wear APOHAIRs. The problem with APOHAIRs that are designed with Swiss lace is that the lace is very delicate, provided that they wig owner takes excellent care of the wig and handles it with care. Because Swiss lace is so delicate, APOHAIRs crafted from Swiss lace are not recommended for the first time wig owner.

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