Rihanna’s hair has changed once again!! The star has said goodbye to the blonde wavy shoulder length hair lace closure and opted for some hair extensions (that’s our guess at least), shaven one side of her hair lace closure and returned to her dark natural shade of black! Ohhh la la!

Although we do love Ri Ri’s new look, we were quite partial to her blonde locks … but it’s on to the next new look and hello to back-to-black for Rihanna’s wavy hair; Her new look reminds us of when she first appeared on the music scene … only with a little more edge this time!!
Ri Ri has shaved a small section of her hair lace closure just above her ear which isn’t too full on yet it still manages to make a bold statement!

It has just been revealed that APOHAIR wavy hair has changed again and is back to a gorgeous chocolate brown shade with added length and volume … it’s no secret that we are huge Cheryl fans at APOHAIR and we are super excited wavy hair about the ‘hot off the press’ pics showcasing her lovely new style!!

Last year, APOHAIR hair was transformed into a long, blonde bob and while we loved this look on the star and thought it looked oh-so-sophisticated, we much prefer her as a brunette beauty and we think she looks simply stunning now that she has long, full locks again!

APOHAIR human hair extensions in Melted Chocolate would be a good match for APOHAIR wavy hair shade for her new music video, but in some shots her hair appears to have subtle highlights so Iced Coffee would be just perfect if you wanted some subtle highlights for your own chocolate brown hair.
APOHAIR hair is bang on-trend with styling for her new music video too; her hair lace closure is styled into voluminous, loose waves in some shots and into a super thick ponytail in others… we love both of these looks on Cheryl.
APOHAIR hair looks super glam, gorgeously healthy and sensuously dense in these pics … the key to her fabulous look is lots of root lift … and perhaps an extra Quad Weft at the crown of your head for more of a boost
Rihanna’s new hair appears much longer and thicker compared to her previous blonde shoulder length hair lace closure so we’re thinking that she has probably had a little help from curly hair extensions?! The curly hair extensions aren’t made too obvious as they are kept just below her shoulders which make them appear more natural. The new dark shade of Rihanna’s hair makes her hair appear much more healthy and glossy; we have to admit … we LOVE Rihanna’s new hair!

Rihanna keeps it simple by pushing all of her hair towards one side, showing off her newly shaven side and making the most out of her new bouncy curly hair extensions

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