X factor USA is returning and we couldn’t be happier with the line up of judges and the fact we get to spy on Britney Spear’s virgin remy hair! OF.COURSE.
Alongside Britney on the X Factor US panel will be virgin hair extensions : Simon Cowell, LA Reid and Demi Lovato (another one we can’t wait to spy on!!)


The first day of filming saw Britney pull out all the stops by wearing a showstopping, tight fitting, bright pink dress which clung to her in all the right places! We think she is looking amazing! Britney Spears’ virgin remy hair was also looking much thicker than we had seen it a week or so before filming started; since the announcement was made that she was to feature in the show it looks as though Britney Spears’ hair has been given a little bit more va va voom from some hair extensions and we couldn’t approve more. <3

We’re loving the shade of her hair and love it even more in comparison with her dress! Britney Spear’s virgin hair extensions was styled into voluptuous curls which we adore, and think is a much better choice than her poker straight virgin remy hair which she was seen with previously!
To style your virgin remy hair like Britney’s be sure to use a large barrelled curling tong to ensure you are left with big bouncy curls which rival Britney Spears’ hair, comb through afterwards and spritz with some styling spray to hold your curls. And voila, you have picture perfect hair

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