On-screen character Ayda Field was looking lovely as she got hitched to heartthrob Robbie Williams toward the start of the month and her clip in hair was essentially staggering! Ayda clearly had a top beautician to get her hair looking so fab, however you can accomplish a similar look with Dirty Looks human hair extensions.


Ayda’s shading is fundamentally the same as Dirty Looks human hair extensions shade Jennifer Aniston (or on the off chance that you need a more brilliant resemble the photo above then settle on the shade St Tropez) and you could re-make her lovely length with a 20-22″ full head set. This will give you a lot of clip in hair to work with and will include normal looking length and volume!

Plainly Cheryl Cole is recuperating and to our awesome pleasure she has chosen it’s an ideal opportunity to reacquaint herself with her old companions … her hair extensions!!

Cheryl was spotted on a night out with expert artist Derek Hough at the Beverly Hills Steakhouse a week ago and she was back on frame and looking exquisite in a naval force silk dress and an excellent new arrangement of hair extensions.

Her ‘Frosted Coffee’ locks were looking extremely glitz in free twists and complimented her dress splendidly for her private supper with Derek.

We believe it’s extraordinary to see Cheryl returning to her old self with her fab new extensions

On the off chance that you need the search for your own huge day or for another glitz event then why not take a stab at twisting your extensions utilizing gigantic twisting tongs and after that delicately brush human hair extensions the twists through to slacken them somewhat. Include your last touches by sticking some hair in a breathtaking slide and applying a decent quality clip in hair splash and afterward you’ll be prepared to go out looking as hot as Ayda

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