We were entirely overwhelmed by APOHAIR lace closure hair


We were entirely overwhelmed by APOHAIR lace closure  hair and her fantastic dress as she showed up on celebrity central at Cannes throughout the end of the week; the star virgin remy hair absolutely ensured that everyone’s eyes were on her for the occasion and she’s been standing out as truly newsworthy since!!


APOHAIR lace closure  hair, which is presently back to its trademark brunette shade, was styled easily into free waves for Cannes; her hair was kept with a delicate focus separating virgin remy hair with the periphery falling either side … the style was super female without being excessively stylised … it was exceptionally Kate Middleton … we cherished it!!

Furthermore, that dress … WOW! Emulating Beyonce’s example with a feathered dress, APOHAIR graced celebrity lane in a white Stéphane Rolland Haute Couture outfit with a red feathered prepare. APO outfit decision was surely exciting, however the low profile back and the cozy fit included a super hot feel as well!

We adore that APOHAIR lace closure hair is presently back to its lavish chocolate darker shade and we think the basic styling for Cannes worked impeccably with her eye-getting dress. She figured out how to keep her hair glitz without over styling and this was exactly what was expected to supplement that great outfit! You can’t deny that this woman unquestionably knows how to make a passage, and in spite of having only a little part in one film, she had one BIG effect at Cannes and worked the cameras like a genuine star!

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