SaltandchicAmy from ‘Salt and Chic’ is one of our favourite bloggers and today she’s taking over Dirty Looks to spill all of her hair secrets.

Talk us through your everyday haircare routine

When I wake up on a morning I don’t really do much with my hair as I’m a huge fan of the “just rolled out of bed” hair! I tidy up the ends and my fringe with my straighteners before spraying a little surf spray all over and using a Batiste dry shampoo on my roots and I’m good to go!

Tell us some of your favourite quick and easy hairstyles

I adore taking a little area of hair from each side and doing a large portion of a skull plait down each and securing with the bobby sticks and after that mussing whatever remains of the hair up with some dry cleanser and hair splash. Another of my top choices is the half up half down look which I tend to support when my periphery is assuming control over my face; basically sticking the front of my hair back and putting the best half in a little bun at the back is so straightforward yet makes a totally new look.

In the event that you could take 3 of your sacred chalices to a betray island which would you pick?

As you can presumably tell dry cleanser is my deliverer and I couldn’t live without it. I’m at present adoring the Batiste Oriental Dry Shampoo – my life wouldn’t be the same without it! The Bumble and Bumble Undressing Crème has likewise earned itself a place in my rundown of blessed vessels and it’s what causes me get the wavy bed hair I support! At long last it would need to be my Umberto Giannini Overnight Moisture Balm which is a flat out must have for those weeks you simply don’t have sufficient energy for vietnam human hair washing and would obviously be basic on a betray island!

Are you a styling fiend or wash and go?

I am most definitely a wash and go kinda gal. I’m constantly on the go so I need to be able to give my hair some kind of quick fix before rushing off to university or work. I do love to spend a lot of time trying new things out on my hair on a weekend though – I love to try to follow tutorials for more complicated styles on YouTube.

Would you ever be tempted to have a SUPER dramatic hair make over? Or have you done it and had serious hair regret after?

When I was 15 I had hair that was right down my back – it was so long. One day I just decided to chop it off and had an elongated bob and I HATED it at the time! Now though I’m so glad I did it because I love my mid length hair so although I didn’t know it at the time it was a good move! I think I would be tempted to have another super dramatic change as long as it didn’t involve chopping my hair off; I’d love to try my hair darker!

What’s the best hair compliment you’ve ever received?

People quite often tell me that my hair is like Suki Waterhouse’s which makes me want to cry with happiness as she is my idol and ultimate hair and style inspiration.

What style do you think has had its day and needs to be retired?

It has to be a perm. I’m not a fan of the typical 80s hairstyles at all if I’m being totally honest but the perm in my opinion is one that needs to go for good! I don’t know what it is but I can’t bring myself to love it!

What is your top tip for healthy tresses?

It’s a pretty obvious one but use as little bleach on your hair as possible. Since I stopped using bleach completely my hair has become so much healthier and thicker. I find drinking green tea helps my hair look healthy too and it just gives it a kind of glow that it didn’t have before.

Have you ever been told any hair wisdom that has stuck with you through life?

This is going to sound crazy but when I was younger, and I’m not talking child young I’m talking 13/14, I went through a stage of refusing to brush my hair (don’t ask) and when I went to the hair dressers it took them a good hour to get the knots out of it!! So the best advice I was ever given was comb your hair!

Who is your ultimate hair crush and why?

Like I said above Suki Waterhouse is my hair inspiration. I just think she always looks so effortlessly cool with her messy hair and fringe no matter what she does with it and with it being a mid-length she can pull of any style. Alexa Chung is another one who I have a huge hair crush on – I just love her vintage vibe!

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