We had a reasonable couple of enormous film debuts on celebrity main street a month ago and we’ve unquestionably gotten ourselves some solid contenders for the ‘Best Hair Award’… how about we investigate:

“Salt” Movie Premiere

Angelina Jolie, the star of the new spy thriller ‘Salt’, has been looking glitz and beautiful at the debuts of her new film this month. She wore differentiating lace closure hair do’s at the London and Paris debuts, yet both were similarly beautiful and merit selections for the Dirty Looks Best human hair extensions Award.


At the London debut, Angelina went for a characteristic look as she wore her human hair extensions in free waves. You can accomplish this look by making snappy twists in your lace closure and your hair extensions utilizing rectifying irons. Run your fingers through the twists a short time later to extricate them. This is brisk and simple and ensured to look awesome!

For the Paris debut, Angelina glammed up with an extremely complex and chic up do. You can re-make this style by freely twisting your hair with twisting tongs and afterward painstakingly sticking all your hair up. This style may take a touch of time at the same time, the final product is certainly justified, despite all the trouble!!

“Cleaver” Movie Premiere

Jessica Alba stole the show at the “Cleaver” debut in LA this month as her co-star Lindsay Lohan was absent.

Jessica was chauffeured to celebrity lane occasion in a modified low-rider and wore a striking metallic gold and dark dress, which means everyone’s eyes were on her!!

Her locks were all the more relaxed, yet no less lovely as she went for characteristic waves for the enormous night. You can re-make Jessica’s look by daintily twisting your hair and hair extensions utilizing your rectifying irons and after that smothing the iron back over the twist to make a mor loose look.

‘Taking care of business’ Movie Premiere

Drew Barrymore, star of hit new romcom ‘Taking care of business’ ventured out onto celebrity central for the LA debut looking ravishing in gold and with her now trademark “lace closure” hair!

She certainly looked like it as her dark colored and blonde human hair extensions (which complimented her dress wonderfully) fell in common waves, which you can without much of a stretch do at home yourself by utilizing your rectifying irons!

What’s more, the Winner is….

Angelina, Jessica and Drew were all searching wonderful for their celebrity lane spotlight, however we have an unmistakable victor this month for the Dirty Looks ‘Best Hair Award’ … drum roll please… it must be… Drew Barrymore!

Drew is slam into pattern right now with her “Ombre” hair and she set an extraordinary case at the ‘Going all the way’ LA Premiere of exactly how dazzling “Ombre” hair can look. Well done Drew, we cherish the two-tone pattern you’re setting!

Investigate our “Ombre” hair blog entry to perceive how you can get this crazy do yourself and check whether you can work it like Drew does

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