Summer here at APOHAIR human hair extensions


We’re as of now anticipating Summer here at APOHAIR human hair extensions, so we thought we’d share our boho waves instructional exercise with you … it’s the ideal on-pattern haircut for the Summer months!

While many Summer haircuts include sticking your hair up to keep you cool wavy hair , we needed to pick a look that can convey you from day to night, and even through to the next day as well! Katy Perry’s hair has been seen with boho waves to supplement her ravishing new purple hair extensions, and this style can be consistently observed as a celebration haircut as well! We believe it’s such a Summer staple look with its super simple styling and backbone!


Boho waves look awesome with the hair all ragged down or with the front area of hair stuck far from your face, yet the benefit of this style is the shape holds truly well to scrape into a chaotic bun for the following day! On the off chance that you need to glitz this gaze upward much more, you can wear your APOHAIR human hair extensions; you’ll have super thick wavy hair  boho waves prepared to hit celebrity central!

To make your summery boho waves, we imagine that a cone shaped wand works best, yet you can likewise utilize an expansive or medium barrelled tong in the event that you lean toward.

Step One

Begin by fitting your hair extensions in the event that you will be utilizing these for included length or volume. Once your remy hair extensions have been fitted, segment your hair around the highest point of your head. Utilize a grasp to hold the top segment out of your way.

Step Two

Begin styling, with your tongs or wand, on the little underneath segment you have left free. The most essential thing with this boho wave style is to not make your twists excessively uniform in size or twist bearing.

Step Three

Pull down the following segment of hair and rehash step two. Attempt to make your hair into around five areas altogether as this will make your twists more characterized. On the off chance that your hair is better then lessen this, and in case you’re sufficiently fortunate to have actually thick hair, you may need to include another segment.

Step Four

All your hair ought to now be twisted and hanging down free. The non-uniform method for including the twists ought to give this a cheerful look! Add a little serum to your fingers (we find that Tigi After Party is magnificent for this!) and run this through the lengths of the hair; you would prefer not to haul the twists out excessively, simply make them wavy hair  somewhat more characterized with the serum.

Step Five

Take a little segment from your sanctuary, on each side, and direct these towards the back of your head. Contort these segments of hair; before they begin wrapping around themselves pull these to the back of your head and stick these together.


Including blooms or a lovely hair band will give your style a super hippy feel and this looks so summery! You can likewise interlace the segments, rather than bending, to bring the search hit against pattern for this season

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