All of you know at this point the women of MCSARA are completely fixated on bloggers. So when the stunning Kaelah from The Clueless Girl’s Guide consented to partake in our Virgin human hair converse with bloggers arrangement… we won’t lie… we did a smidgen of a fangirl-esque screech!


Need to know Kaelah’s affections and abhors, augmentations, wigs and THAT MySpace mullet? At that point read on to discover underneath.

• What are your regular hair fundamentals/ordinary hair mind schedule?

To be completely forthright, I avoid all hair items and I don’t utilize any hairspray or holding gel. I adore ‘It’s a 10 items’ for profound molding in the shower and I’m a tremendous devotee of dry cleanser, as well. However, beside that, all I swear by is a twisting wand and a brush!

• Are you an ardent warmed machine client or would you say you are upbeat to be a characteristic delight?

I wish I could state my twists were regular yet they’re generally on account of my Corioliss Curling Wand. Fortunately one great twisting session will last me the majority of the week, since I lean toward the look of free, worn twists and waves at any rate.

• What’s the best hair compliment you’ve ever gotten?

It’s super complimenting when individuals say things like, “I wish I had hair like yours! It’s excellent!” in light of the fact that I’m not timid to catch up with, “Hello much obliged! You thoroughly can! Expansions!” haha! I’m a gigantic aficionado of hair augmentations and have worn them for as far back as eight years. I adore sharing my experience and “insider facts” with individuals – even outsiders.

• What are the most exceedingly bad hair wrongdoings you’ve ever observed submitted?

I’m just for individuals doing what they need/love with regards to their hair-I believe it’s an incredible approach to express your identity and style. Obviously there are a few styles that I don’t by and by affection, yet why should I rain on their parade? I’ll say that I’m blameworthy of giving my hair a chance to get excessively bunched up/oily/tangled on occasion so I could utilize a stretch in hair-mind imprison once in a while!

• What style do you think has had its day and should be resigned?

This is a hard one for me to reply. I’ve had precisely the same style for as long as seven or eight years and I have no expectation on transforming it at any point in the near future haha! I know individuals are so finished ombre hair and I complete that it’s been a million times finished, however I decline to color my hair again so it’s been a characteristic movement. Possibly I simply don’t focus on other people groups’ hair enough!

• What is your best tip for solid tresses?

Restricted hair item and a better than average profound conditioner.

• Have you at any point been told any hair knowledge that has stayed with you through life?

I used to have a “form mullet” (hi myspace!) so I think my concern was absence of hair astuteness being hurled my direction!

• Do you ever utilize any DIY medications on your locks?

I’ve heard a wide range of thoughts like coconut oil, avocado and even mayonnaise, however I’ve never done any of them myself. Possibly I ought to be somewhat more daring with the home cures!

• What pattern would you never have the guts to take after?

Presumably a substantial undercut (since my hair develops at an alarmingly moderate rate – I don’t have the heart to cleave that much off!) or a quieted, pastel tint. I cherish pastel hair and would murder for it myself, yet my characteristic shading is practically dark and the prospect of utilizing that numerous chemicals on my hair makes me recoil. I’ll simply stay with wigs in case I’m feeling like it’s a cotton treat pink sort of day.

• Who is your ULTIMATE hair squash?

While I could absolutely manage without her identity, I’m a tremendous fanatic of Kelly Osbourne’s lilac and silver hair. It’s such a fun takeoff from what you typically observe.

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